Flynn Delayed Raid On ISIS That His Client Turkey Opposed

Trump, Flynn put U.S. national security at risk to appease Flynn’s client. 

The Obama administration was set to arm the Kurds in Syria who were fighting against ISIS, however, Donald Trump’s incoming national security adviser intervened to stop the operation.

The move to arm the Syrian Kurds was strongly opposed by the Turkish government. Michael Flynn was paid almost $600,000 to represent the country of Turkey which he failed to report.

According to a new NBC report, “Flynn had not yet registered as a foreign agent or disclosed that Turkey had paid him as a lobbyist. After he was fired as national security adviser, Flynn registered as a foreign agent with the Justice Department.”

The NBC report went on to note that “Since the implementation would extend past Trump’s inauguration, Rice told Flynn of the decision in early January. Flynn told her not to move forward with the plan. He said he didn’t trust the Obama administration’s decision-making process and the Trump administration would undertake its own review of ISIS policy, according to the official. After Flynn was fired as national security adviser on Feb. 13, the Trump administration opted to arm the YPG after all.”

The delay in arming of the Kurds clearly gave comfort to ISIS and Flynn’s client Turkey at the expense of United States national security.

Here is how NBC characterized the situation: “A U.S. military official also said the decision slowed the assault on Raqqa, but not by much. Anti-ISIS forces would not have been ready to go into Raqqa in January. Now the city is encircled, but the Syrian Kurds still don’t have the equipment they need to start moving into the city.”

The story that Flynn delayed the attack on ISIS was first reported by McClatchy on Wednesday.

Flynn Delayed Attack On ISIS That Turkey Opposed: Report