Trump Contacted Flynn As Recently As Last Month: Report

According to a new report by Yahoo News investigative reporter Michael Isikoff, Donald Trump has contacted Michael Flynn as recently as last month in order to deliver a message to his former national security adviser – “stay strong.”

Trump reportedly reached out to Flynn on the same day that the ranking Hosue Oversight members accused Flynn of not disclosing foreign payments.

The new report raises fresh questions about Trump’s active cover up in the Russia investigation and clearly indicates he is worried his old friend will turn on him.

The Yahoo News report notes Flynn met friends at a restaurant in the Virgina suburbs recently and left very little doubt about whether he and Donald Trump are still in communication.

“‘I just got a message from the president to stay strong,’ Flynn said after the meal was over, according to two sources who are close to Flynn and are familiar with the conversation, which took place on April 25,” Isikoff reports.

White House lawyers have warned Trump not to contact his former national security adviser, but this new report clearly demonstrates Trump is breaking with the advice of his counsel raising more concerns about obstruction of justice and an active cover up.

And as Isikoff notes “the fact that the two men have stayed in contact could raise additional questions about the president’s reported request to former FBI Director James Comey to shut down a federal investigation into the retired Army general.”

A memo written by former FBI Director James Comey revealed that Donald Trump asked Comey to drop the FBI’s investigation of Michael Flynn which is the most prominent example of Trump’s obstruction of the ongoing investigation.

“Any ongoing contacts between Trump and Flynn are likely to be among the matters closely scrutinized by Robert Mueller, the ex-FBI director named late Wednesday as the new Justice Department special counsel in charge of the Russia investigation,” the Yahoo News report notes.

The full Yahoo News report can be read here.