Maddow Isn’t Buying Mike Pence’s Story Either

Mike Pence’s story just doesn’t add up. 

Calls have increased in recent days for Vice President Mike Pence to come clean about what he knew, and when he knew it, regarding Mike Flynn’s work as a paid foreign agent during the campaign.

Recent reports have confirmed that Mike Flynn informed the Trump transition that he was under investigation by the FBI, and a letter from House Oversight ranking member Elijah Cummings also clearly raised the issue for the Trump transition – however, Trump still hired Flynn to be his national security adviser, giving him access to the nation’s top secrets.

On her show Thursday day night, Rachel Maddow explored just how impossible to believe Mike Pence’s story that he knew nothing about Flynn’s work as a foreign agent is.

There is no plausible or credible way for Mike Pence to argue that he didn’t know that the administration was installing a paid foreign agent with clearly suspicious connections to Russia to one of the nation’s top national security posts.

Maddow also highlighted the fact that the Trump team had at least 18 previously undisclosed contacts with the Russians after the Trump campaign insisted there were no contacts with the Russians. She makes the important point that the Trump White House has never explained why there had been so many contacts between members of the campaign and the Russians.

Maddow reminds us about Congressman Elijah Cummings’s letter to the Mike Pence who was heading up the transition.


Mike Pence’s Story Just Doesn’t Add Up

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