Jake Tapper Blasts White House’s Incompetence Over Russia Meeting (Video)

Jake Tapper walks through all the lies and missteps in the Russia collusion meeting scandal.

Tapper opened the segment by repeating Washington’s most sage advice in a scandal – get all the information out as quickly as possible. Tapper notes that the Trump White House “seems determined to violate this sage advice in every possible way.”

During an interview on Fox News this week Trump Jr. assured the world that “this is everything” related to the Russia scandal.

“This was not everything,” Tapper said Friday. “We are still learning new facts about that meeting that the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., his then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his adviser Jared Kushner had last June 2016, with a woman billed as being a Russian government lawyer with incriminating information about Hillary Clinton. Billed as part of a Russian government desire to help Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton.”

Tapper said that we now know that a total of 8 people attended the meeting. “So much remains murky, so many questions remain,” Tapper said of the gathering. ”[Trump Jr.’s] emails indicate that by June 7, 2016, the meeting had been scheduled, and he expected to get a ton of dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government.”

Tapper also walked through the timeline showing public statements from Donald Trump in the days surrounding the emails between Trump Jr. and his associate promising help from the Russian government.

Watch the video here:

[image via CNN screenshot]