The President Of The United States Is Getting Advice From Don King

…and that fact should frighten you to death. 

If you weren’t already freaked out about what a Donald Trump presidency means for America, you just got some fresh reasons to freak the hell out.

According to a report in Politico, Donald Trump (you know, the guy who is the President of The United States) still speaks regularly with the insane former boxing promoter Don King.

And according to that report, Don King gives Donald Trump advice.

Just a reminder, Don King was found guilty of second-degree murder for stomping a man to death in 1966. He’s also a con man who stole millions from his boxer clients (could be that’s why he and Trump get along so well).

Politico published an interview Friday with Don King where King said, “I call my connection to him, if I want to get a meeting or whatever it is.”

“But I can talk to him every day through his assistant. And if it’s something that’s got to be of urgency, I can get him.”

These are some of the insane things the President is listening to when he talks to Don King

King says, “I tell him that the establishment will tell their lies. They will try to keep him down. … I tell him, ‘Now Mr. Trump, they’re treating you like a black man.’… I say, ‘Mr. President, you know what it’s like to be a black man. … No matter what you say or do, you are guilty as hell.’”

And here’s another one, “I been to Mar-a-Lago [a few times]. We sat down for one hour [earlier this year]. He wanted to get my estimation of what’s going on. He said, ‘What you think about me firing Flynn?’ I said, ‘With all due respect, Mr. President, Flynn fired himself.’ … Trump’s loyal to a fault. He’ll speak on your behalf because, out on the street, you can stick with a guy and say he did the wrong thing, but he’s basically a good guy. … That’s not crooked, that’s not obstructing justice … That’s friendship.”

Don King thinks he’s like a backup Secretary of State for Donald Trump

King also suggested he could “be like a Tillerson without the portfolio because I’ve been around the world.”

[image via Twitter screenshot]