Keith Olbermann Torches Eric Trump On Twitter Over Charity Self Dealing

Eric Trump is hold up somewhere tending to his wounds after Olbermann’s savage Twitter takedown. 

Keith Olbermann took down Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump in a fierce Twitter debate on Sunday. Olbermann blasted Trump for skimming charity donations meant for children’s cancer charity St. Jude.

The debate started with Olbermann responding to a tweet from Kellyanne Conway.

“I understand your confusion. You’re thinking of @EricTrump self-dealing charity cash to himself from golf tournaments,” Olbermann wrote.

Eric Trump responded to Olbermann saying “You mean the $16.3 million dollars I have raised for dying children (before the age of 33) at a 12% expense ratio. What good have you done?”

Olbermann was referring to a report by Forbes that detailing how Eric Trump’s charity paid significant sums of money to golf courses owned by his family after telling donors that use of the Trump facilities would be free of charge. The report also noted that Eric Trump’s charity funneled money from his father’s charity through his own and then to Trump golf courses.

After the report, the New York Attorney General announced his office is looking into the Eric Trump charity matter.

Olbermann noticed Sunday morning that Eric Trump had blocked him on Twitter, so he responded by dropping a series of tweets blasting him for his charities actions.

[image via Twitter screenshot]