Dem Senator Says Trump Fulfilled Kim Jong-Un’s Wish

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill said at a town hall that Trump has fulfilled North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s wish.

Kim Jong-Un has always wanted to be considered as a serious player on the world stage.

And now, Trump has elevated him to that level.

“I think that the president unfortunately has elevated [North Korean Supreme Leader] Kim Jong-Un now,” McCaskill told the crowd, according to the Daily Journal Online.

“What he wants is to be seen as a world stage player and now we’ve kind of made him one,” she added.

During the town hall, McCaskill added that she’s confident in the missile defense systems our country has to protect Guam, which Kim Jong-Un has threated.

However, she’s worried about how Trump is handling the situation.

“I know people say the rhetoric wasn’t stopping the advancement of their weapons, but we’re tracking it and we have the technology to intercept,” McCaskill said Friday.