John Kelly Considers Shaking Up White House Staff

White House officials told Politico that Chief of Staff John Kelly is working to change up the White House staff.

Kelly spent this week in Bedminster, New Jersey, summoning aides to learn about what their roles are and how they can help the West Wing “communicate better and get more done.”

Politico reported that Kelly is also “giving people clear responsibilities and then holding them accountable.”

Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s role in the White House is also under scrutiny – especially since he has a large staff and no real duties.

In some of the meetings with aides, Kelly has suggested that staffers should be “more concerned with the president’s agenda and less concerned with their own.”

Kelly has also met with Jared Kushner to discuss how they can make changes.

The newly appointed Chief of Staff has been concerned about how the administration communicates and operates.

He has made clear, “that the place will be different soon,” one senior administration official said.