Trump Lets Jones Act Waiver Expire, Again Making Puerto Rico Relief Efforts Harder

Trump seems to be actively making the Puerto Rican relief efforts more difficult.  

Despite his claims, Donald Trump’s actions confirm that he is making the relief efforts in Puerto Rico more difficult.

Just 10 days after issuing a waiver to Jones Act, Trump let the waiver expire.

The Jones Act prevents foreign ships from bringing goods from U.S. port to another. During times of natural disasters, presidents have routinely waived the Jones Act to remove bottlenecks in getting supplies to disaster-stricken areas.

Trump faced criticism in the days after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico for his administration’s slow response, including failing to waive the Jones Act.

Trump waived the Jones Act following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma just weeks before Maria hit Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is still facing severe supply shortages including fuel and water.