Trump Adviser Who Pleaded Guilty Met With Russian Offering Clinton Emails

Kremlin-linked professor told Papadopoulos the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

“They have thousands of emails,” the Russian professor told Papadopoulos.

After being caught lying to FBI investigators in the Russia probe, George Papadopoulos struck a cooperation agreement with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

And as part of his guilty plea and cooperation agreement, it was was revealed that Papadopoulos, the former Trump campaign adviser, met with a Kremlin-linked professor during the campaign who offered the campaign “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

After initially telling the FBI the meeting was “a nothing,” Papadopoulos informed Mueller’s team that the Kremlin-linked professor “They [the Russians] have thousands of emails,” they wanted to share with the Trump campaign.

According to NBC News, “The professor introduced Papadopoulos to a Russian who said he was close to officials at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs who then spoke with Papadopoulos over Skype about laying the groundwork for a meeting between the campaign and officials in Moscow.”

That Russian official then tried to arrange a meeting between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials, the documents say.

Papadopoulos then relayed the information back to the campaign in an email. According to the documents, the individual he communicated with is identified only as a “campaign supervisor.” That so-called campaign supervisor replied via email saying “great work.”

Another email, according to court documents, said “We need someone to communicate that DT [Donald Trump] is not doing these trips. It should be someone low level in the campaign so as not to send any signal.”