Trump’s Tax Plan Is Less Popular Than He Is: Poll

Just 25 percent think the Trump tax plan is a good idea. 

According to the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, just 25 percent of Americans think that Donald Trump’s tax plan is a good idea.

The staggeringly low support for Trump’s tax plan is actually lower than Trump’s job approval rating which just hit an all-time low.

The poll results come just a day before Republicans plan to unveil their full tax plan.

The Trump tax plan starts out as the least favorable piece of major legislation since George W. Bush tried to privatize Social Security.

According to the poll, 35 percent call the tax plan a bad idea and another 40 percent say they have no opinion.

As the poll results note, both the Affordable Care Act and the stimulus package started out with higher support.

The poll also found that just 14 percent of Americans actually believe they’ll get a tax cut, while 25 percent expect their taxes to go up.

So far all available information about the Trump tax plan indicates that it will be a massive tax cut for the rich with lower income and middle-income Americans seeing little to no benefits. And at the same time, Republicans are planning to pay for the tax cuts by cutting funding for health programs for the poor and middle class.