RNC Delegate Confirms It Was Trump Who Pushed For Pro-Russia Platform Change

The delegate will testify that Trump was behind changing the RNC platform to be more pro-Russia.

The mystery of pro-Russian RNC platform change just got solved.

During the campaign, the Republican National Committee abruptly made a change to its platform to be significantly more pro-Russia. The RNC platform originally called for the United States to arm Ukraining soldiers fighting against Russian forces. However, that position was mysteriously changed to a significantly more pro-Russia position.

Well, now we are learning more about how that change came about. According to a new report by NPR, Donald Trump pushed the Republican National Committee to abandon its platform of arming Ukrainian soldiers in their fight against Russian forces, NPR reported Monday.

Republican delegate Diana Denman, who supported arming Ukrainian forces, is now set to testify before the House and Senate Intelligence committees this week to describe the Trump campaign’s alleged efforts to change the party’s Ukraine-related platform during the Republican National Convention in 2016.

According to NPR, Trump, through an aide, argued against arming Ukrainian forces, in favor of a more Russia-friendly platform of more general “assistance” to Ukrainians.

The RNC eventually adopted the Trump campaign’s platform.

The issue of the platform change is of significant interest to the Special Counsel investigators in the Russia investigation.

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