Mueller Just Subpoenaed Trump’s Financial Records

Special Counsel Robert Mueller subpoena Deutsche Bank for Trump and family’s financial information.

The Special Counsel is following the money in the Russia investigation.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for information on accounts held by President Trump and his family, Reuters reported Tuesday.

Mueller, who is investigating collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians in the 2016 election, has dramatically ramped up the investigation in recent weeks.

Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank, received a subpoena from Mueller’s team several weeks ago to provide information on money and credit transactions for Donald Trump and his family.

Questions about Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank and a potential Russia connection have come up because the German bank loaned the Trump Organization hundreds of millions of dollars after all other top banks refused to work with Trump after a string of bankruptcies and failure to repay loans.

According to Reuters, “Trump got a $106 million loan from Deutsche Bank in 2011 to buy Doral, the golf resort in Miami, according to property filings with the local land register. The Doral loans mature in 2023, his electoral filings show.”

“Separately, Deutsche Bank has lent Trump up to $170 million for the Old Post Office, a historic Washington property where he has opened a hotel,” Reuters went on to note.

Deutsche Bank has was at the heart of a massive Russian money laundering scam and in January the bank agreed to pay $630 million in fines for organizing $10 billion in fake trades that were used to launder money out of Russia.