House Intel Committee Asks FBI For Comey Memos

The House Intelligence Committee made a formal request for the FBI to turn over former Director James Comey’s memo’s documenting conversations with Donald Trump. The House Intel Committee’s request follows a number of other Congressional panels that have requested the Comey memos.

The House Intel Committee requested additional documents from the Justice Department and the FBI related to the bureau’s ongoing investigation into Russian election interference, including “relevant documents related to the dismissal of Mr. Comey as FBI Director or memorializing conversations between the President and Mr. Comey,” the committee said in a statement Thursday.

Former FBI Director James Comey recorded several memos after discussions with Donald Trump including at least one where Donald Trump demanded that Comey drop the investigation into Micheal Flynn.

Reaction to the bombshell revelation has led to members of Congress from both sides of the aisle to determine that if the Comey memos are true, they represent evidence of obstruction of justice on the part of Donald Trump.

Trump later fired James Comey after he refused to drop the FBI’s investigation. In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Trump admitted that he fired the FBI Director in part because of the Russia investigation.

On Wednesday Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the appointment of former FBI Director Rober Mueller as special counsel to lead the investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will be testifying before Congress behind closed doors.

The Senate Intelligence, Senate Judiciary and House Oversight panels have also issued requests for Comey’s memos.

Additionally, a new report on Thursday confirmed that the Trump campaign had at least 18 previously undisclosed contacts with the Russians indicating the possibility of collusion.

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