Rachel Maddow Is Crushing Fox News, Now The Most Watched Show On Cable News

There is a new queen of prime time cable news! 

The Rachel Maddow Show was the highest-rated cable news show on television Wednesday night, continuing a massive ratings run that Maddow and MSNBC have been on.

Maddow had 2.875 million total viewers Wednesday night, beating Fox News’ Tucker Carlson who drew 2.748 million viewers.

The entire MSNBC evening line up had strong ratings beating CNN and running neck and neck with Fox News.

And Brian Williams’s “The 11th Hour” continues its strong ratings beating both CNN and Fox.

Lawrence O’Donnell, who is coming to the end of his contract with reports of doubt over whether he will continue on at MSNBC, continued his strong ratings as well beating CNN and with slightly fewer viewers than Sean Hannity.

Rachel Maddow’s ratings have surged since the election of Donald Trump. Maddow has maintained hard-hitting coverage of the Trump administration, focused on the actions of the White House and refusing to be distracted by Trump’s tweets and other wild statements.

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