WATCH: Jake Tapper Perfectly Explains How Dangerous Trump’s Fox Habit Is

Donald Trump almost derailed an important national security bill – that his administration supports – because he watched Fox News this morning and got confused.

[watch video below]

CNN’s Jake Tapper perfectly laid out how dangerous President Trump’s Fox News viewing habit is during a segment on his show Thursday.

Tapper laid out how Trump nearly derailed the extension of an important national security bill Thursday when he watched Fox News and suddenly tweeted out a message contradicting his own administration’s policy which sent Congressional leaders spinning.

This is now standard practice of this White House,” Tapper summed up, “to deny the nose on your face.”

“Of course there was confusion. Republicans on Capitol Hill said there was confusion, and that’s the very reason why President Trump felt the need to send the second tweet – to clear up the confusion.” Tapper continued.
Tapper then noted how there is an important debate to be had about the FISA legislation, however, Trump’s confused tweeting doesn’t accomplish that.

“We are left, once again with a very clear illustration of a problem. The president, not particularly informed on a specific subject, fueled by his own sense of grievance, tweeting against his own administration’s position – this has all happened before – relying on Fox and Friends over his own FBI and CIA directors and national security adviser when it comes to national security issues! Issues they insist are issues of life and death.”

Watch the CNN segment here:

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